When Google Chrome is installed for the first time it is missing the home button that many have become accustomed to from Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. To enable the home button in Google Chrome click on the wrench in the top right corner of the Chrome window, and left click Options.

On the Basics tab under the Home page section check the box that says Show Home button on the toolbar. That’s it. Now just close the window. While you’re there you can also set Chrome to open up your favorite home page. Mine is set to Google.com.

When clicking the Google home button you may find it only takes you to the New Tab page. This is because the default for Open this page defaults to chrome-internal: . To set the home button to take you to your default homepage, in my case Google.com, while still on the Basics tab, go to the Home page: section, and select Open this page:, and type in or copy and paste where you’d like the home button to take you when you click it. Rather than clicking the home button you can also use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Home. Try it.